About Us

“Maheeda” is non-profit ,non political organization, founded by socially conscious individuals who aspire to see a better tomorrow . Maheedians doesn’t complain, instead lead by example and inspire leadership through activities. We revere the rich heritage and culture of our fore bearers. Together, we can ensure that no-one dies of hunger, no-one lives in pain, and no-one feels helpless. Let’s, add meaning to our lives. Let’s, fight for the injustice and promote development. Let’s give our ageing parents a glimpse, a glimpse of a better society, better system and a better tomorrow. Maheeda appeals to all those who share the same vision. Your support would provide us strength .This strength will grow from the desire, blossom as results, and in return give us the most valuable fruit..that is ‘the blessings’.

Maheedians are those who are concerned,educated,learned,powerful people who collaborated together to form a family.The Family which includes all Leaders,administrators,entrepreneurs,NGO’s,Capacitive individuals,Youth and A Common Man from all over the world .This has made us more affirmative in our action to bring a perceptible positive change in the present social setup.

Our Vision and Mission
  • To change the mindset which is hindering progress and social oneness of humanity
  • To make people better citizens who fulfill their role in society responsibly.
  • To motivate youth to be part of the social change towards betterment of one and all
  • To help bring back lost values of humanity and compassion
  • To help the underprivileged and poor.
  • To get rid of the social evils of society.
  • To generate awareness and educate people about environment and ecology.