Maheeda Welcomes Volunteers

Volunteers play a significant role in the work, growth and the success of Maheeda. Volunteers contribute not only through their valuable time and effort but also through their creative perspectives, suggestions and feedbacks, which prove very helpful to Maheeda in achieving its vision and objectives.

Maheeda not only engages these volunteers in social work but also focuses on sensitizing them towards the current social issues and its working methodology so that these volunteers become an asset of tomorrow rather than an instant bubble with myopic social concerns.

Volunteers can assist by:

  • Teaching subjects like Punjabi, English, Mathematics and other subjects to underprivileged Children
  • Conduction Workshops and Personality development and career counselling
  • Providing suggestions and feedback for improving processes based on their experience and perspectives.
  • Conducting Surveys and research work.
  • Helping us in raising funds
  • Sponsor, host and coordinate events
  • Do awareness campaigns in your offices, schools and colleges.
  • Spread the word by joining and expanding our social network.

Please fill in the volunteer form below if you are willing to take on a project and Volunteer for Maheeda.

About Maheeda

“Maheeda” is non-profit ,non political organization, founded by socially conscious individuals who aspire to see a better tomorrow . Maheedians doesn’t complain, instead lead by example and inspire leadership through activities. We revere the rich heritage and culture of our fore bearers.

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