Maheeda – A Call to all Godsmen

Why Maheeda?

In our lives we see a lot of good and bad. Of all that we see and experience, somethings change us for good or bad. Our souls are colored as pure or evil. Humans are social animals and to survive they build communities out of which cultures and countries are born.

Punjab and ‘Punjabiyat’ is one rich culture and community build on centuries of social and cultural experiences which makes it unique and perhaps most diverse and liberal in their beliefs. However, this rich heritage is under threat from some modern social evils which if not checked will lead to destruction of our rich culture and dilution of our valued morals and beliefs.

Maheeda is a call to all Godsmen to come together to help save and preserve our rich social heritage and culture and evolve ourselves in a better society.


About Maheeda

“Maheeda” is non-profit ,non political organization, founded by socially conscious individuals who aspire to see a better tomorrow . Maheedians doesn’t complain, instead lead by example and inspire leadership through activities. We revere the rich heritage and culture of our fore bearers.

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