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Volunteers are heart and soul of Maheeda and are involved in all our programs. Our volunteers are diverse groups who bring to our organization a wide range of experience, talent and energy. You can make a difference in a child’s life, uplifting a community and make Punjab a better place.

You can support our work through donations of funds or goods; by sponsoring events, training programs, meals, and holiday celebrations; or by volunteering your time and skills to help build our programmes.

There are number of ways you can get involved:

If you are one who would like to give some time or get involved with Maheeda or have an idea on how you can help contact us

About Maheeda

“Maheeda” is non-profit ,non political organization, founded by socially conscious individuals who aspire to see a better tomorrow . Maheedians doesn’t complain, instead lead by example and inspire leadership through activities. We revere the rich heritage and culture of our fore bearers.

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